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We Value Privacy

  1. We only ask for the minimum data required to provide our services. This includes your name, email address and contact phone number as well as the name of each child, class and school. Unless required by a Court of Law we will not share your personal information with any third party. We will only use your personal information in the provision of our services. You are able to contact Tuckabox to require your information to be disclosed, and if required, deleted.


Payment Options

  1. Payment can be made via Visa, Mastercard. Payments are made via a secure trust payment gateway. All orders are paid in full when they are placed. We do not collect or store any credit card or payment information.


Using Tuckabox

  1. Using our website (including online ordering), you are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your personal details, passwords and payment details. You agree to accept full responsibility for your activities on our website and any online ordering. New customers are required to sign up to the My account tab. Once you have signed up and completed the verification process, all that is left to do is to register your child(ren) and find out if we service your school – check out our list of school on our ABOUT page.


  1. All that is left to do is to order. The online ordering system must only be used by persons over the age of 18 and completed using the ORDER or HOME tabs. Once you have placed your order you will be taken through to a ANZ e-Gate secure payment gateway where you will have the option to use Visa or Mastercard.


  1. Orders must be made and paid in full, by 8.00pm on the Sunday prior to the week of delivery.


Cancellations & Returns

  1. Cancelation will only be applicable if school is closed for unforeseen circumstances. If your child is sick please contact us to arrange a lunch voucher for another day on 0272271813, before 7pm on the night prior.


Food, Delivery & Packaging

  1. All Tuckabox lunches are made using a commercial kitchen, which has the highest level of food safety practices and hygiene. Lunches are packaged in Tuckabox bags, labelled with the child’s name, class and school. As the lunchboxes are delivered to the child’s school just before morning tea break the school will have a nominated area for placement of these containers.



  1. We operate in accordance with food safety and hygiene regulations. At this stage, we do not provide a range of gluten free, or allergen free options, however we plan to in the future. Please contact us should you wish to discuss further.


  1. We do our very best to deliver a perfect product accurately and every single time. If for any reason we cannot deliver on a particular menu item, we will contact you in advance and propose an alternative option. This may be a refund, swapped item or postponed order. We do our utmost to ensure the online menu is current and accurately reflects the availability of our seasonal products.


  1. Tuckabox is not liable to any person if they are unable or decline to supply a product for any reason whatsoever. Tuckabox reserves the right to limit quantities able to be ordered or delivered to customers. If an order is reduced in accordance with this clause, the price payable will be adjusted accordingly.



  1. The prices per lunchbox are listed on the website. The prices are inclusive of GST and there is no additional charge for delivery. All amounts are in New Zealand dollars. Tuckabox reserves the right to change these prices from time to time of which all subscribers and users of the website will be notified of any increases or decreases by email.


Use of the Website

  1. You agree not to use the website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms.


Site Content

  1. Tuckabox has endeavoured to ensure that all the information provided on its website is true and correct and error free, however does not warrant its accuracy, adequacy or completeness and Tuckabox will not be responsible or liable for any errors in or omissions from the information provided on its website. Tuckabox reserves its rights to make changes to the information provided on the website at any time without notice to you.



  1. Tuckabox shall use all reasonable endeavours to prevent any unauthorised entry into its website, however will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss whatsoever if any third-party gains unauthorised access.



  1. Tuckabox’s website may use Cookies which are an element of data that the website can send to a browser which may then store it on your system.


Intellectual Property

  1. All rights, title and interest in all intellectual property and all concepts, systems, written, graphic and other material relating to this website and its contents are owned by and shall at all times remain the exclusive property of Tuckabox, its licensors and the providers of any other products and services accessible through this website is protected by New Zealand and international law.


No Liability

  1. Users of this website have statutory rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act, thus Tuckabox shall not be liable for any consequential indirect or special damage or loss of any kind whatsoever arising from or in relation to your use of Tuckabox, delivery of failure of delivery of any Tuckabox products subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act. In such event, any liability shall not in any event exceed an amount equivalent to the price of the relevant products as a result of a direct defect in a Tuckbox product.



  1. Ownership in and responsibility and the ultimate risk in the products shall pass to the customer on delivery to the delivery spot.



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